Mr T n Mr P

who are they...
let me introduce u
to Mr T n Mr P

mr t first....

in this Mr T

This is mr P

antagonism Characteristic

No-ob and always being bullied 

they are togather in this story

coming soon to ur cinema...

:::Keharokkan apekah yang terjadi:::
busy with this project(busy with prs and so on yet still have time to do this moron thing miahaha)...busy think about the story line...and u guys need to busy waiting for my first movie to release la sgttt..miahaha
3 Responses
  1. cikminn Says:

    i'm anticipating ur movie..make it as harok as possible ok!hee~

  2. rauain Says:

    ko apekehel?ekekeke.comel weh!!!!oh bukan ko.tapi telur dan pinpong itu paham?hehehehe