talk show

arghh it like a decade since the last post...
pffft~ bz bz bz bz...
during hols my schedule are pack like shit!!

thousand of story want to tell but...
malas malas mals...miahahahha

everyone like to watch talk show rite..
 what is fucking talk show???

talk show is a programe conduct by a celebrity discuss about this shit thst shit and ya it's fun yeaa
saufi ahmad love to watch talk show
macam pondan r sker tgok talk show..

ooo hello(gayer gedik)
talk show not for girls only k...
even daniel ocean(the famous thief in the world)
crying watching oprah miahahaha(ocean's thiteen) miahahaha

let me list 5 my fav talk show miahaha

no 5.......WHI...

wanita hari ini ni talk show aku sker menengoknyer

no 4...the oprah winfrey show

just love the determination and spirit show on the show...we all love oprah rite miahahaha because u can stand a chance to win IPod miahahha

no 3... martha stewart

love the creativity and the cooking things..the decoration thing and the bottom line we just love martha..but martha like an ego old woman...rite...but we just love martha...yeaaa

no 2 ....rachel ray...

every day every morning before have a breakfast..i'll on the tv and watch this bloody the animal part and the cooking part pondan...miahahhaa..simple cooking for heavy meal...

no 1.....Ellen Lee DeGeneres

i just love her show..i watch twice a the morning n in the evening...she's just fun and i dun knoe i just love this ellen...Ellen rulessss!!

allen joining the american idol judges...keharokkan akan terjadi!!!

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